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Nickelodeon Sonic

Ident Design

I had the opportunity to work on an Ident video for Nickelodeon, India – Viacom18, during the winter break 2019. I was responsible for ideation, modeling, and animation production. Watch it on the Nickelodeon Sonic channel. 

Scroll down to see a small case study.

Final Ident




Case Study



Nickelodeon India is launching a new competition called 'Lift Your Gift'.

We (Diksha Godse and I) were asked to come up with an idea to make an Ident which promotes the competition in a creative and visually appealing way.


'Lift Your Gift' is a competition in which-

a. The participant is required to watch the program 'Golmaal Jr.' on the Channel i.e. 'Sonic', every Monday – Friday from 1.30 pm till 2:30 pm during the contest period.

b. The Participant shall spot the (a) gifts and (b) a toll-free telephone number, both of which will be featured/flashed on the Channel during a mentioned time band.

c. At the end of each day of the contest period, the organizer shall select the telephone/mobile number from which there has been the most number of missed calls made to the contest number for that particular day, as determined by the organizer in its sole discretion.

d. Each winner of the contest as declared by the organizer would be eligible for exciting prizes. One such telephone/mobile number shall be selected daily from each weekday of the contest period, thereby resulting in a total of 20 such telephone/mobile numbers being selected.



To increase user engagement during shows as a way to increase viewership.



By making a visually appealing, colorful ident which follows the Nickelodeon guideline.



The Ident helped Nickelodeon India youtube channel gain 8.8k views for this Ident and further 1.7 million viewership for the competition video, thus helping in generating awareness about the competition and achieving the required goals.

Direction, Producer : Diksha Godse

Concept : Diksha Godse, Nikhil Ray

Storyboard, Animatic : Diksha Godse

CG : Nikhil Ray

Animation : Nikhil Ray

Sound Design : Pramod Srinivasan

VO Artist : Aditya Mathur

Supervising Producer : Harpal Singh

Senior Supervising Producer : Himani Chaudhary

Creative Director : Girish Joshi​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

© 2021 Nikhil Ray

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